What Is Regarding Nannies?

Regarding Nannies is a blog created by professional nannies that provides resources for a strong professional nanny foundation. We showcase industry professionals and businesses and we provide resources to nannies at all levels of their career.

The logo is something that the we have worked on as Regarding Nannies has evolved. We wanted a tree with strong roots that would represent the importance of having a strong nanny foundation based on education, experience and a need to continue to grow. The roots are stretched out as they represent how deep and wide our individual foundations are as individuals.  The roots represent the strength and knowledge each one of us-the development team and our readers-has.  With that knowledge and Regarding Nannies we share that with everyone who is involved with Regarding Nannies.

A tree goes through many seasons and growth changes in it’s lifetime.   The same goes for a professional nanny. Whether you are a one year nanny or a career nanny with more than 30 years experience.  Throughout the seasons of a professional nanny you have growth and learning opportunities.  Regarding Nannies is providing a voice to that growth and learning through our blog.

Glenda is the blue bird because she is from Missouri, and this is the state bird. Missouri is the show me state and she believes that every nanny should show her commitment to this profession in everything she says and does.

Alice is the parakeet. For the past 7.5 years Alice has been the owner of a lovely parakeet named Lemongrass.  Lemongrass has been with her with her past two nanny families and shown how birds can be good pets for kids of all ages.

Kellie is the blue ‘flutter’ bird, well, because blue is her favorite color and she’s not one to sit still, she’s always moving, doing some project or another.

Greta is the Hummingbird,  Just like hummingbirds at work,  she is busy, excited, and focused.She wants to write about things that excite her and motivate her in her career. She is always looking for ways to improve. She loves to learn and as she grows and learns about this industry she wants to share her passion and excitement.

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