Art supplies with a limited budget

Many nannies are encouraged to do art projects and foster a love of art with their nanny kids, but often the art supplies are costly.  So how do you foster a love of art projects and art without spending a small fortune on craft supplies?  Over at Artful Parent  shares some great ways to have art supplies on a budget.  We would love to know some of your go to tricks and tips to art supplies and projects on a budget. Something to draw and paint on. It can be paper, cardboard, … [Continue]

End of the school year

The month of May signals the end of many colleges and preschool years.  Then from Memorial Day till mid June is elementary, middle and high school end of the how do you … [Continue]

Toddler Crafts for Under 2′s

Often, we see craft activities as a good way to spend an afternoon when it’s too wet or cold to go outside to the park. However, craft activities are also a great way to help your … [Continue]

Chores and the kids

As many of us know, kids dislike having to do chores-lets be honest as well-adults dislike them too. But "chores" are a vital part of being a family and making things work.  But at … [Continue]

Lets Talk about: The Difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter

Recently an article was published on the differences between a babysitter and nanny.  The International Nanny Association  and  Helen Adeosun, veteran nanny and founder … [Continue]

Sensory Fun and Learning All In One

My absolute favorite type of activity to do with little ones is sensory fun! I just love to roll up my sleeves, break out the finger paints, and then stand back and watch the minds … [Continue]

Organization: The Many Uses of the Clipboard

I love clipboards!  You can get them for a dollar at The Dollar Tree or cheaply elsewhere if you don't have a Dollar Tree near by.  They come in many sizes and shapes-decorated or … [Continue]

Kids and Jokes

Everyone needs a good laugh everyday I think.   I was recently asked for some jokes by a fellow nanny, whose nanny kids are going through a rough time and they use jokes to get … [Continue]

International Nanny Association’s 2014 Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey

The International Nanny Association, which just celebrated their 30th Annual Conference in April, conducts a salary and benefit survey frequently.  The results from the 2014 Salary … [Continue]

Nanny Shecando and the Electronic Babysitter

Recently I was at the INA's 30th Annual Conference in Cancun, Mexico and had the privilege to meet Hope of Nanny Shecando. She traveled from Australia to join us there.  It was so … [Continue]

Creative Nanny Wednesday: Recipe For A Playdate Party!


This post originally appeared July, 2010.  We're sharing again as there are great ideas for fun all summer long. Over at Michigan Professional Nanny Association's NannyTips blog, … [Continue]

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