Kids, Money and Savings

"Monkey See Monkey Do" applies to so many things in life.  It even applies to teaching kids about money and how save it/spend it.  I love the blog "Moneycrashers" I always learn a new tidbit on money when reading it.   It was no suprise when I ran across the post called 11 Ways to Teach Kids How to Save Money written by Miranda Marquit. Many times as nannies we have our "kids" with us when we go shopping for the groceries, clothes and other household items.  It probably involves a lot of credit … [Continue]

April Fools Day is around the corner

Lets talk about April Fools you participate in it? Do you and the nanny kids play jokes on each other?   I came across several fun pranks for kids while cruising the … [Continue]

Kids in the Kitchen: Easter Treats


Easter is right around the corner.  Check out this fun recipe for Easter Bunny Bread and thanks to our friend Nanny Gael Ann for sharing. Or how about these edible Easter Egg … [Continue]

Skip Sleepless Nights: 3 Strategies to Improve Infant Sleep


Sleep is an elusive goal for anyone who is caring for a newborn. Between around-the-clock feedings, diaper changes, visitors and housework, sleep can seem like a mirage in the … [Continue]

Staying Connected Just Got Easier


We know when it comes to staying to connected to the parents, you have options.   Are you old school and keep a notebook / nanny log?   Do you sit down daily or weekly and chat … [Continue]

Conflict in the Nanny Workplace


(Conflict In The Nanny Workplace) Apologize and say sorry? But what happens when that doesn’t apply? Contrary to the typical nanny cliché, it wasn’t between the Nanny and Boss … [Continue]

Oh lovely Mixed up eggs…

Spring and Easter are just around the corner.  So why not do some fun learning with all those Easter eggs you see at the stores or maybe hiding in your house somewhere.  I recently … [Continue]

Surviving a Work at Home Parent

There may come a time in your nanny career when you are faced with the opportunity to work in a home with a work at home parent (“WAHP” for short). This may mean that the parent … [Continue]

St. Patricks Day Activities

We've gone into our archives to bring you some fun ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.  These were shared with us by Nanny GaelAnn.   Our first project is from … [Continue]

Adjusting Your Tax Withholdings

By Tom Breedlove, HomePay by Breedlove We’re at the midway point of the tax season. Many of you have already filed your personal income tax return and the rest are “finalizing … [Continue]

@BloggingNannies Named a Top Twitter Account to follow by

twitter-117595_1280 (1)

Regarding Nannies (@bloggingnannies) was recently named one of the Top Twitter Accounts Nannies Should Follow by   Whoot Whoot! We celebrated of course, but want to … [Continue]

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