Oh winter weather go away… But not before I do these indoor activities!

Here in North Carolina we had a little joke that kids only went to school on Mondays in February since we were hit with the ice/snow storms over the past two and half weeks.  Luckily kids were able to go back to school this week after been out of school for the past two weeks minus going on Mondays. I found this great blog post on 30 plus stuck inside games, that I realized many nannies could use as we still are dealing with cold, snowy and icy weather.  Sometimes we just need some fresh … [Continue]

Teaching Kids to Read..what they need first

Many parents and nannies have children in their lives who are anxious to read or begin reading. But over at The Measured Mom, shares 5 things children need to know before they … [Continue]

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

    To find some great ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss please visit 42 Seussical Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday … [Continue]

Gift Cards turned into Cash

As it is almost March, several of us may still have a small stash of giftcards sitting around.  You realize that some of them may never be used and lay around collecting dust. The … [Continue]

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and things to do

Dr. Seuss's birthday is Monday, March 2.   You still have time to get your "party" ready to celebrate the great Dr. Seuss.   We've pulled together some amazing resources and ideas … [Continue]

Making Food Fun

We love this post from International Nanny Association and Tracey Chipps.   Making good food fun is a great way to entice children to taste new foods they may otherwise snarl … [Continue]

Nutrition and CareAcademy.co


Jump on over to CareAcademy.co and check out their blog full of helpful articles on Nutrition as well as their class on Child Nutrition & Healthy Eaters.  … [Continue]

Benefits of Baby Sign Language


Before my son was born, I had a moment of panic because I could picture him lying in his crib and crying because he couldn’t be understood. I knew then that I wanted to use … [Continue]

Bathtub fun with fingerpaints!

I know for me, I don't like getting messy. Silly I know especially for being a nanny of 20 years, but I have always found ways to keep arts/crafts "clean".  I came across this … [Continue]

Winter Weather, car seats and coats!

Have you heard of the Magic Coat Trick?  IF not you should head over to the Car Seat Lady's Facebook page and read about it. Nannies are those ones a lot of the time educating … [Continue]

Week 3 clean up your computer

In the home stretch!   We've organized and archived.  What's next?  Back up and Delete.   Though Delete scares me as I may need it someday, I like to think of it as creating space, … [Continue]

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