Financial Friday: Job Search Expenses

Job Search Expenses

Compliments of Breedlove & Associates, written specially for Regarding Nannies

Can any of my job search expenses be taken off my income taxes?

There are several job search expenses that can be deducted if the expenses exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income.  Some examples of job search expenses include:

  • Amounts you spend for preparing and mailing copies of a resume to prospective employers if you are looking for a new job within the childcare industry.

  • Travel expenses associated with looking for a new job in your present occupation.  You can choose to use the standard mileage rate to figure your car expenses (currently $0.50 per mile).

  • The cost and upkeep of work clothes if the following two requirements are met:

  1. You must wear them as a condition of your employment.

  2. The clothes are not suitable for everyday wear (i.e., the clothing must not be suitable for taking the place of your regular clothing).

Please note that there are some exceptions to deducting job search expenses.  We encourage you to consult the expertise of a personal income tax professional to discuss your specific situation.

While we want to help nannies start off on the right foot when it comes to their taxes, please keep in mind that we are employment tax experts – we are not experts in the laws and procedures that surround personal income tax deductions.  Nevertheless, we realize that many nannies have questions about their tax returns, so we hope that this will help point you in the right direction.  For specific questions regarding your income taxes, we encourage you to contact a personal income tax professional.

Tuesday Tips: Filters For Dehumidifiers

Tuesday Tips: Filters For Dehumidifiers

by Alice Shaffer

Recently we experienced water damage from the dehumidifier pump leaking water into the utility room which happens to share a wall with my bedroom.  In terms of water damage it was not bad, just wrong timing.  It damaged my closet, the hall closet and a bit of the utility closet.  Nothing of material importance was lost. Thankfully that was the case, but a lot of knowledge and education was gained. I would like to share this with you so you don’t experience what I have been over the past two weeks.

We have a  HVAC agreement that it comes twice a year- spring and fall- to service our AC/Heater.  What it didn’t do was service the whole house dehumidifier. This company apparently doesn’t service this type of dehumidifier. Last month when it was discovered that it was leaking, the technician showed me that there are 2 filters for the unit – a 4 inch and 2 inch one, and they were covered in dirt. They needed to be replaced.   This is where trouble came. The 4inch filters are not on the shelves of the local hardware store or the big box stores-they are online only.   I scoured the internet for almost two  hours trying to find these two filters. I then called the places to see who could get them to me ASAP.  This was also during those 95 plus degree days we were having in June.  It was important to have the dehumidifier running.

I ordered 2 of each as they have to be changed every 3 months this way we don’t have to go without it being plugged in and dehumidifying the house.  The technician showed me where to install them and which direction they go.  I was successful in replacing the old ones with the new ones that came in 4 days later.

I thought everything was fine, till I discovered water on the utility floor again. Another call to the HVAC company-one that will service this unit, and the problem was solved!  The actual pump for the dehumidifier had died.  It was still moving the water from the dehumidifier unit to the pump but was not pumping it out to the external drain in the floor.  A sense of calm came over me.  The answer was found. My new carpet won’t be ruined again because the pump is going to be fixed now! Luckily there was one on the truck and fixed in 20 minutes.

Tips For Everyone’s HVAC/Dehumidifier Units:

  • When doing your seasonal maintence on your HVAC systems check your dehumidifier units to make sure the tubes to the pumps are on tightly to the pump and that no water condensation is collecting.  If so put in a call to your HVAC service-water damage is the worst next to fire damage to a house.  Black mold is not fun.
  • Make sure you have extra filters for both your AC/Heating unit and dehumidifier.
  • Use a sharpie and write on your units the sizes of the filters that it takes.

Monday Moxie: Privacy Protected

Monday Moxie: Privacy Protected

by Greta Schraer with an introduction by Alice Shaffer

This past week, Greta shared her High5 Friday on Privacy Protected over at Cincynanny.   I have been a live in professional nanny for the past 15 years.   Her post really brought to light some of things i have inquired and heard about from other nannies.  I wanted to share it with you all as “privacy” is a boundary that is often stepped over if we realize it or not.

High5 Friday: Privacy Protected

Sometimes being a nanny is strange when you think about it. “Living” in someone else’s household. There is surely many ways your work home is run differently than your home-home. I occasionally have a thought, “didn’t I already do this today? Oh yeah, I did… at my other house.” It is amazing how comfortable we can become in a house that is not our own. We know where they keep the toilet paper, plunger, and carpet cleaner – in fact some nannies actually purchase and decide where to store the items! This is just one example of how it can be easy to forget we are working.

I find myself giving high fives, snuggles and zerberts to children; giving advice, good luck and thanks to the parents. The nanny-family relationship can grow into a very comfortable, easy-going relationship. Whenever I come home from a trip, I can look at my house and tell what my husband did all weekend. I notice the garbage, dishes, and items moved from a usual spot. These clues share what his time was like while I was away. It is the same with our work family, we’ve come to know this household so well, that when something is out of place it is obvious. This can be a great thing, as it allows us to step in and take over without interruption. Smooth transitions are ideal!

To read the rest of High5 Friday: Privacy Protected

please visit Cincynanny

Weekend Round Up: Week of July 26-30, 2010

Regarding Nannies had another exciting week with the premiere of two new series: Nanny 101 and My Favorite Things by Greta Schraer.  These series will be a monthly feature at Regarding Nannies.  We hope that you will share the Nanny 101 series with your agencies, nanny families, nanny friends, nanny support groups and others involved in the nanny industry.   My Favorite Things will be a “review” of the month of favorite things that Greta and others have found that they want to share with our readers.

Monday Moxie: Nanny 101: Communication

Tuesday Tips: My Favorite Things: Summer Saviors

Creative Nanny Wednesday: The Reading Road Game

Table Talk Thursday: Kari’s Story Of How She Lost 100#

Financial Friday: Tax Free Holidays Are Here!

Don’t forget to check out our Marketplace. There are some awesome deals for free business cards on Vistaprint.  You can even get a free tshirt. We have an Amazon search tool as well.

Financial Friday: Tax Free Holidays Are Here!

Financial Friday: Tax Free Holidays Are Here!

by Alice Shaffer

Over the past several years I keep hearing about “tax free shopping weekend” around the first weekend of August. It pertains to saving money on back to school supplies like pencils and erasers. I have taken advantage of it in the past by mistake if I happen to be at a store that weekend and get some supplies. You probably are looking for some new outfits, socks, underwear and shoes for the kids too-don’t worry they are included as well. The really cool thing is that I have noticed  that it includes computers that are of a certain dollar amount. This could be great if you are looking for a cheap laptop or netbook that you want to pick up on the fly.  I wish I had remembered this back in May when I purchased my netbook.

Of course not every state participates in the “tax free holiday” shopping but a nice handful does. Make sure to check for the details for your state. Start looking at your coupons now for items so that you can get the most bang for your buck. Look at combining your gift cards and reward credits to the stores to save even more money.  I have like $18 in Staples Rewards checks that will be very helpful come next weekend when I go and get some office supplies.

I found a wonderful blog post that shares with readers when the dates are including links to the various states. Thank you to milwivessaving for her post  Tax Free Holiday Shopping August 2010 for Back To School! I am sharing part of her post here with you now.  Make sure to go check out her blog at Military Wives Saving.

★ Here is a list by state of the Back To School Tax Free Holidays

Alabama-Friday August 6, 2010, and ending at twelve midnight on Sunday August 8, 2010.  Find details at The Alabama Dept. of Revenue.

Connecticut-August 22 through Saturday, August 28, 2010. For more information go here Connecticut Dept. of Revenue

Florida- August 13, 2010, through midnight, Sunday, August 15, 2010. Go here to read more Florida Department of Revenue website

Georgia- No tax free Holiday this year!

Iowa-August 6-7, 2010. It does not include Sunday. Find more information here Iowa Dept. of Revenue

Louisiana- Friday, August 6, through 12:00 midnight on Saturday, August 7, 2010. Click here for details Louisiana Dept. of Revenue

Maryland-August 8 – 14, 2010 For more go to Maryland Sales Tax Bulletin

Mississippi-12:01 a.m. Friday, July 30, through midnight Saturday, July 31, 2010. Click on over here for more information Official Guide For 2010 Sales Tax Holiday

Missouri-August 6-8, 2010. For details visit the Missouri Department of Revenue.

New Mexico-August 6-8, 2010. List Of Taxable and Nontaxable Items, see page 3.

North Carolina– August 6-8, 2010.For more information visit North Carolina Dept. of Revenue – August Sales Tax Holiday.

Oklahoma-Friday, August 6 – Sunday, August 8, 2010.For details visitOklahoma Tax Commission.

South Carolina-August 6-8, 2010. To find out more visit the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

Tennessee– August 6 through Sunday, August 8, 2010. For details visitTennessee Sales Tax Holiday Information.

Texas-August 20-22, 2010 Get the details: Texas Tax Holiday Official Page.

Virginia- August August 6, 2010 and ends at midnight on August 8, 2010. See more at School Supplies and Clothing Holiday

Not sure where to start?  Then visit this blog post, Tax Free Shopping Tips: Save More Money During the Tax Free Shopping Holiday. Apryl gives some great tips on how to have a successful shopping weekend.

Don’t forget to buy extra spiral notebooks, pencils, pens and crayons while they are at a significant reduction in price.  Come the holidays you will probably need to restock them. Who wants to pay $2.29 for a 24 pack of Crayola Crayons when you can get them for as little as 19 cents during back to school sales.

Weekend Roundup! Week of July 19-23

This week we had inspiring articles from a Mother who has started her own organic baby food company to a nanny sharing with us the art of  Bento.  We also debuted our new series called “Meet Nanny” and the first person was Cindy, a nanny with 30 years experience!  We rounded out the week with ideas and links on how to save money while dining out for meals.

Monday Moxie: Organic Baby Food

Tuesday Tips: The Coolest Way To Eat Lunch by Bonnie Mills

Creative Nanny Wednesday: Beginner Bento-ing

Table Talk Thursday: Meet Nanny Cindy

Financial Friday: Where To Find Deals Eating Out

Next week we will be introducing a new series and a new featured topic to Regarding Nannies.  So stayed!

Don’t forget you can grab our “button” on the right side of our blog and post on your website and blog!

Thank you for joining us again this week! See you next week!

Financial Friday: Where To Find Deals On Eating Out

Financial Friday: Where To Find Deals On Eating Out

By: Alice Shaffer The Financial Nanny

As a nanny I enjoy finding ways to save money for myself and my nanny family.  I have used for my nanny work and personal outings. I let the kids look at the restaurants too and let them make a choice sometimes.  I have also used Groupon to save 50% off at several locations while I was traveling to San Francisco and locally.

The question becomes how do you save money when you are home and go to local places?  With social media being so large as it many places have taken to having fan pages on Facebook and Twitter.  Often times you can “like” or “follow” the place of your choice online and they will have special coupons and discounts available to their “fans” and “followers”

These are just two examples of what I found:

TGI Fridays: Get Perks: you get a free appetizer when you sign up among other items. You can also “like” them on Facebook

Chili’s Bar & Grill: sign up for their e-club and within 48 hours get a coupon for FREE queso and chips.

I went to Facebook and just put in restaurant names in the search box to find places.  I then “liked” them to get on the mailing list etc.

One suggestion is to create a new email address for “updates/deals” from the various places that send emails.  I use a GMAIL address for such things as Groupon, and the other places that send out specials.  This way it is all together and I don’t lose my emails in my personal account.

A nanny told me that she utilizes the weekly newspaper and mail coupon ads for Pizza delivery. She orders whatever is on sale for the cheapest.  You can also get email offers from the pizza places too by joining their lists.

One mom told me that she finds out when the local places have “all you can” dinners and she takes her 3 kids there for special dinners.  She also takes advantage of “early bird” dinner specials.

Don’t forget that many places have “birthday” clubs where you can get a free meal, dessert or appetizer if you come in during your birthday month, week or day.  I have been able to utilize that for a free meal during my birthday month at Texas De Brazil where the meal is over $35.   They also have a special for your wedding anniversary.

I would love to hear from you all what kind of deals you have seen on various restaurants.  I am sure there are many readers who would love to know your favorite places and “eating out” tips too.

Financial Friday: Swagbucks

Financial Friday: Swagbucks

by Alice Shaffer

As a professional nanny, I sometimes would like some extra “cash” but don’t want a second job or babysitting gig on the weekends. I have discovered that there are so many different fun ways to earn money on the internet these days. On Financial Friday, we have featured posts on Mypoints & BZZAgent from Carli and today I bring you Swagbucks.

I have seen Swagbucks online for some time via lots of Mommy Bloggers and Facebook.  I decided to take the plunge on April 8, 2010 and sign up for Swagbucks.  I really had no idea what I was doing. I just knew that Swagbucks was a “search engine” that gave you “swagbucks” for searches as well as other things.

I discovered that to get a $5 dollar Amazon gift card it required 450 “swagbucks”. I am happy to report that I have collected 5 of the Amazon gift cards valued at $5 apiece for a total of $25 in 3 months.  That is not too shabby for doing what I do already-going on Gmail, Facebook, and Amazon etc.

I received “swagbucks” for purchasing items through their shopping links.  I purchased some vitamins at the Vitamin Shoppe and things for The Financial Nanny marketing items and between the both of them I received 183 swagbucks.  You get “swagbucks” for making referrals and I have 6 referrals (June 2 through today) and have received 288 “swagbucks” for their “searches.”  Between those two items I received 471 “swagbucks”-enough for one $5 Amazon gift card!  Just for sharing what I love and for shopping for 2 items! I think that is well worth my time of pulling up page and entering my search term in that window versus a different search engine or bookmark.

The cool thing about the Amazon gift cards is that they are emailed to you within a week’s time.  You then take the gift card code and input it into your Amazon account.  It will be waiting for you when you are ready to make a purchase. You can save them up and use them all at once.  I am saving mine for some DVD box sets I want.  This way my purchase is “free.” It really only costs me the time it took to click on or type in the search window on the Swagbucks page or toolbar and enter my search term.  I type in Facebook, AOL, Gmail, Regarding Nannies, The Financial Nanny, International Nanny Association, babies, turtles and anything and everything I already know the web address for.  Sometimes it nets no “swagbucks” and sometimes it nets 38 “swagbucks!”  It is a game of how many and when you get the “swagbucks.”

I just shared with you the simple ways to earn “swagbucks”: searching the internet via their search engine, and shopping.  You can also use their toolbar and get 1 “swagbuck” daily for logging into it.

To earn more “swagbucks” you can shop, complete surveys, watch videos, special offers, and take daily polls. I have done a few videos; they are like a minute or two long. I set them up to play and then I go get a drink of water or make a phone call while they are running. You have to keep your browser open in order to get the “swagbucks.”

I am saving my swagbucks up for the upcoming holiday season as well my DVD box set purchase. By utilizing a few extra seconds when I am online I am potentially earning $5 off a gift or item I will be purchasing in the future from Amazon.  This will also work great if you have a Smartypig goal set up for the holidays and get a gift card from there.

I hope you will look into using Swagbucks for your “internet” time while earning some money.  If you are ready to try Swagbucks go today and sign up. If you click on the link you will be signed up under me and I will receive some referral “swagbucks” for your activity on Swagbucks. After you do that then you can start getting referrals as well. My activity posts on Facebook when I get “swagbucks” or cash in for an Amazon gift card.  I DO NOT HAVE ANY ACCESS TO WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR ACCOUNT.

I look forward to learning what you do have got from your “swagbucks.” Happy Swagging

Weekend Roundup! July 5-9, 2010

The four little birdies at Regarding Nannies would like to thank everyone  for their birthday thank yous, comments on the blog and facebook on our 1 year birthday!  We are so thrilled to be entering our 2nd year with Greta on board with us. We look forward to our growth this year and what is to come.

With our new blog setup you can go to the tabs at the top and click on the day of the week and see all the posts for those topics.  If you are just wanting to search the archives then click on Sitemap. There are many categories in how the archives of our posts are set up: by tags, categories, dates, weeks, and months.  You should be able to find what you are looking for much easier now.

In case you missed something this week:

Monday Moxie: What is Happening For Regarding Nannies 1st Birthday Celebration!

Tuesday Tips:  Meet the Regarding Nanny: Glenda

Creative Nanny Wednesday: Meet the Regarding Nanny: Alice

Thursday Table Talk: Meet the Regarding Nanny: Kellie

Financial Friday:  Did you Notice a Fourth Bird in our Tree?

Did You Notice a Fourth Bird In Our Tree?

Thank you for celebrating our birthday with us. The wonderful comments, the feedback and the support will motivate us through another year and we can’t wait to get started. We promised you a big announcement and here it is.

You may have noticed that there is a fourth bird in our new logo that we didn’t mention on Monday.  As each bird represents a Regarding Nannies team member, we are excited to share a secret with you – and its been a hard secret to keep … Greta Schraer of CincyNanny is now an official member of our Regarding Nannies Development Team. We never anticipated that we would take on a new team member but we all agreed that Greta was a perfect choice to join our Regarding Nannies Team.

We wanted to share a few words about why we wanted Greta to join our development team :

From Glenda:

I only met Greta briefly at the INA Conference in Dallas in 2009 but I knew that she was someone who had the potential to be a driving force in the nanny profession. She has determination, a strong sense of who she is, and a genuine passion for what she does. Greta also came home, and started a blog, I started reading what she wrote, and her words genuinely moved me. Greta wrote this as her mission statement on her blog.

I am a professional.
I am part of a family team.
I am one of many that will build into the lives of these beautiful, talented children.
I need a community.
I need respect.
I make mistakes.
I love children.
I want to grow in knowledge.
I want to grow as a person.
My gifts are unique and therefore I make my job unique.
I am faithful.
I am affectionate.
I am a leader.
I serve a True God who gives me forgiveness and guidance.
I have a passion to gather Nannies together to share experiences, gather resources, to challenge each other, and of course, play together.
I have found my calling.
I am a Nanny.

I see in Greta the next generation that will make a difference in the nanny profession. She is young, energetic, exuberant, has wonderful ideas, a gentle loving spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. She is an ever present reminder of why we do what we do, and she is an inspiration to me.

Welcome Greta, I am so glad you are on this team!

From Alice…

I met Greta last year at the INA conference in Dallas. I had this feeling about her all weekend , that I wanted to get to know her better.  I was running around as “Raffle Lady” to everyone and didn’t have a good opportunity to chat with Greta.  At some point I remember talking with Glenda about how this “nanny” Greta went to the board meeting, was excited about everything she was learning and how she wants to bring this information back to Cincinnati to the nannies that were there .  Fast forward to Sunday morning in the hotel lobby as I went to sit with some of the board members, Greta was sitting on the couch on her mac laptop and starting her “CincyNanny” blog.  She didn’t waste a minute of what she learned that weekend.  Later that year she came to Washington DC for Nannypalooza with the same enthusiasm as she had at the INA Conference.  Greta came back to the INA conference with 3 of her CincyNanny members as well as hosting a Nannies Across America event this fall.   She  totally jumped on the train of “being a professional nanny” and learning anything and everything from all avenues in the industry. We have become friends over the past year, fellow board members on the INA Board of Directors and now fellow members of Regarding Nannies. I am so excited to be working with her on Regarding Nannies!

From Kellie:

Welcome Greta.  I, like Glenda and Alice, met Greta at the INA Conference and she has proven to me to be a leader, a professional, a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration.  I am in awe of all she has accomplished in such a short time and cannot wait for her to share all that energy, enthusiasm and knowledge with Regarding Nannies and our readers.  I’m honored to be in a profession with all the ladies of Regarding Nannies.

From Greta…

It is so great that the cat is finally out of the bag, or… the bird is out of the cage!

As the ladies said, it was at the 2009 INA Conference that I briefly met Kellie, Alice and Glenda. I remember meeting Kellie at the roundtable for Nanny support groups. I was anxious to hear about this ADCAN thing. Having nothing in Cincinnati, before conference I thought I came up with the genius idea of a community bringing nannies together. Come to find out, there were many support groups all over the country! I quickly wrote notes and asked questions. 3 months later, the CincyNanny community was born.

Sunday morning, Alice and Glenda sat eating breakfast, and stopped me as I walked by. I remember telling them I was embarrassed to be be the only observer in the INA Board Meeting that day. They encouraged me, saying it was great that I cared and went to check it out. Looking back, I wonder if at their breakfast a spark of conversation and dreams of Regarding Nannies began? (And to think that I would be joining those strangers a little over a year later.)

That same day, I sat in the hotel lobby waiting for the shuttle, navigating the Blogger templates and writing my first post: a brief recap of conference. Later that summer, I wrote the post Glenda spoke off. For the first time, I spoke of my career in a public avenue, sharing my passions and purpose. I remember hitting “publish” wondering if anyone would happen to read it. Within hours, Glenda (representing Regarding Nannies) emailed me and asked to post it on their blog. What? Someone read it? Someone liked it? That day, I felt encouraged that my voice may make an impact locally and beyond. Largely due to this, I continued to write.

Over the last 14 months, these ladies – individually and as a team – have mentored and groomed me, daily, as I read the words they wrote. They encouraged me in so many ways and have each contributed to some amazing memories and professional accomplishments with me this year. As I look out among the industry as a whole, I can see the fingerprints and whispers these Nannies have left with so many! Their passion is contagious. Their love for the industry is genuine. The only gain they seek is to better the world and children in it.

As the 4th bird, the Hummingbird,  I hope that I can also share with the industry. Have you ever observed the little Hummingbirds as they eat? At work we have feeders in the backyard and often I drift into amazement as I look out the window. They are busy, excited, little bodies with a super-focused, still head and beak. I look forward to writing about things that excite me in this career with children. I am always looking for ways to improve myself, be more productive and be excellent. I know that I have a lot to learn, but I’d love for you to look out your window and see my excitement and passion.

And I will warn you…you may get sick of my gushy heart towards the 3 year old triplet boys in my care. But, they are the best! (Truth is my actual favorite boy is my gorgeous husband, Doug.)

Each week on the CincyNanny Blog, I share a High5. This week I would like to share with you why this “birdie” is honored and humbled to join this team. They are truly amazing leaders, women, friends and Nannies. I see deep roots continuing to stretch deeper into a fertile soil. I only hope to grow with them in this new journey. Here are my High5 favorite ways I see their roots growing deeper.

High5: Deep Roots of the Regarding Nannies

5. Sharing Resources

I love their desire to share resources with so many! I see it as my daily, continuing education. They each dive into new subjects, methods and ideas, hoping to affect a Nannies daily life. So many of us are appreciative. So many of us are changed.

4. Connecting Nannies

Regarding Nannies has brought together Nannies across affiliations and across the world. They support without preference each individual and each organization that brings good to the Nanny world. They invite Nannies, young and old, experienced or new, educated or not, to the common ground of community. They invite industry professionals to share their specialty that we may glean knowledge from the best. What a value we have to gather, befriend, and share.

3. Giving Generously

Over the last year, I have seen these girls give expecting nothing in return. It wasn’t until a few months ago, when I began working along side them behind the scenes that I was able to appreciate the gift of time, the fullness of heart, and finances that they have been sharing. Each is not living this leadership role to draw attention to themselves. They only hope to make a difference and that is their reward.

2. Mentoring to the Masses

These ladies are continually learning, changing, and growing. They seek to be their very best unique self. They take us with them on that path of growth, challenging us to succeed and with encouragement and understanding. If not challenged, I personally lose zeal and drive. I appreciate that there are people that want to give that to Nannies as individuals and the industry as a whole.

1. Enriching the Lives of Children

Ultimately we are Nannies because our heart is tugged towards the young. By educating, providing tools, sharing a welcoming community…our lives are refreshed and bettered. In return, the precious, innocent darlings that we get to help shape – are being blessed. Is there any greater purpose than sharing love with children? I think not.

Happy 1st Birthday Regarding Nannies! What an amazing beginning with only the best days ahead.

Today’s Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all the wonderful thank yous and Birthday wishes from everyone this week! Our last winner was from the 23 notes that were emailed in. chose one winner to receive their choice of 2 ~ Regarding Nannies mug, tote bag, or notebook.

Congratulations to #7 –  Carolyn Stulberg of the Alexandria School

Please contact us at regardingnannies (at) gmail (dot) com with your choices!

Here are our final birthday notes from Regarding Nannies readers and friends:

Dear Glenda, Kellie, and Alice – Happy Birthday and thank you so much for creating a portal where nannies can get different information for their professional and personal lives.  I really enjoy all the various blog posts and have spent a lot of time archive hunting for past posts.

Buffi Gentry


Happy Birthday/Anniversary Regarding Nannies! You guys have done a great job for a successful 1st year! Looking forward to many more!

Lottie S.

Nanny in Addison,TX

Happy Birthday Regarding Nannies. May you have many more. Thank you for all the great ideas and info.


Nanny in Albuquerque, NM

Regarding Nannies has consistently brought excellent support, articles, ideas and inspiration to Nannies and agencies alike.  We, as an agency have been so moved by the support of RN in the past year and we’d like like to say Thank you and Happy Birthday!

Pattie Mueller

NannyMall, LLC


Kellie, Alice and Glenda – A big (and long overdue) thank you to 3 amazing nannies for your tireless contributions to the nanny industry, and for your personal commitment as role models and mentors to all of us! Thank you, thank you!

Christy Ochs

Nanny in Denver, CO

Meet Regarding Nanny: Kellie

Greta Schraer of interviewed the Regarding Nannies Team members to give you an in depth look at who they are.

Meet Regarding Nanny: Kellie Geres

Wow!  What a year this has been.  One year of Regarding Nannies.  It’s been a whirlwind ride, and I’m hanging on, looking forward to this next year.

When you aren’t Nannying or writing for Regarding Nannies, how do you spend your time?

Writing and working on the blog every week takes a lot of time, but when not working on Regarding Nannies, I can usually be found on my computer, typing away on ADCAN – Association of DC Area Nannies business, as I serve as the current president.  I’m honored to be part of an amazing group in the DC area, which celebrates its 25th year in September.  I also enjoy traveling, spending time with family in Richmond and in Minnesota where I grew up.  I’m close with all my family, and live the furthest away from everyone, so I treasure the time we have together.  My grandmother and I are very close.  I have learned so much from her, and we share a love of reading. I’m an avid reader – I am never without a good book, or two or three.  My other favorite past time is scrapbooking – I love to scrapbook – wish I made more time to do that.  I enjoy making books for others and my greatest scrapbook accomplishment was a Heritage Album for my grandmothers 85th Birthday, spanning her life and the lives of family members.

How have your relationships with children changed you as a person?

Being a nanny for 21 years, I’ve learned a few things about myself and children …

  • Patience is a virtue

  • Caring for teenagers really does cause gray hair

  • Porta-potty’s really do look like refrigerators

  • Melting ice cubes on a hot day in Atlanta can entertain a four year old for long periods of time

  • My family will never understand what I do, but love me anyway

I know I would not be the person nor nanny I am today without having had the opportunity to work with five amazing families these past 21 years, and have engaged and helped shape the lives of 10 unique and outstanding children – ranging in ages 14-25 presently.   I do not have my own children but each of the ten I have cared for hold a special place in my heart and have inspired me in ways I could never have imagined.

What do you hope to be remembered for by your charges and those close to you?

I hope to be remembered as someone who touched the lives of many and never disappointed.  I want to be remembered for my sense of humor, my creativity, my love of family and friends, having a diet coke for breakfast and have friends who will toast to me with a margarita or a great glass of Riesling.  That I was the first to raise my hand when there was a project to be done, and a great date was a movie and Red Lobster with my nieces. That I laughed often, loved unconditionally and lived with no regrets, other than I’m still waiting for that stamp in my passport that says I’ve been to Italy.   That I contributed to the greater picture of things, was a doer not a watcher and could make people laugh.

Since starting Regarding Nannies, how have you been affected or influenced?

It amazes me that people are interested in what we have to say, and come back day after day to see what’s happening in our little corner called Regarding Nannies.  That something I write influences another nanny to be better in her job/life/profession and that I played a small part in that, truly amazes me.   Working with two other women I respect and enjoy working with day after day is an added bonus, and how we balance and compliment each others’ work only adds to the depth of our friendships.

What are you excited about this coming year?

Each New Year brings change and challenges.  My job is a daily challenge – my charges are 14 and 16 years – enough said J  I’m excited to be continuing into my seventh year with this family – making this the longest period of time I will have worked with one family.

Since turning 40, I made a promise to myself to take a real vacation every year – other than visiting family or friends.  I’m taking ME time – and still plan on going to Italy some day!

I always say I’m going to stop taking projects on, but I will continue my third term as ADCAN president, work with Glenda Propst on the INA Service Award Pin Program for 2011, I am the newsletter editor for the INAVision – official newsletter of the International Nanny Association, I moderate Nanny Island, maintain numerous blogs including Nanny Groups, NNRW, ADCAN, and my personal blog All Things Nanny.    I love the projects I do that keep me busy and connected in the nanny industry.

And I’m excited to see where Regarding Nannies will go this next year.  We’ve only tapped a small portion of all there is out there that affects us personally and professionally and there is always new information becoming available.  I look forward to sharing that, encouraging others and leading by example.

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Here are some more birthday notes from Regarding Nannies readers and friends…

Dear Alice, Glenda, and Kellie, Congratulations on the anniversary of Regarding Nannies! And thank you so much for providing this ongoing collection of helpful, practical information for nannies of all experience levels!   I am constantly sending people to read one archived post or another, when they contact me with concerns or issues.   Of course I advise subscribing to the blog to everyone on my email list as a matter of course, too!   Thanks again for all your dedicated service to nannies!

Janice St. Clair

Founder and Facilitator of Boston Area Nanny Support Group (BANSG)

Nanny in Boston, MA

Glenda, Kellie and Alice – Thanks for all that you do for the nanny community! Your example commands that nannies hold themselves with high regard and do all they can to make our industry better. You’re teaching the next generation of nannies well!

Michelle LaRowe

International Nanny Association Executive Director

Hyannis, MA

Dear Glenda, Kellie, and Alice, I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Congrats on such a wonderful blog, and making a difference in the lives of so many nannies.

Marni Kent

Nanny in San Francisco, CA

I would like to take a minute to thank all of you for the fantastic job you all do for the Nanny Profession. Happy Birthday Regarding Nannies. I look forward to many more years of reading wonderful articles.

Anne-Marie Stanley

Lynn, Massachusetts

Alice, Glenda and Kellie, thank you so much for all the work you do!  The three of you should feel so proud on this very special day.  I know that so many nannies out there now have a way to feel more connected to the nanny profession and other nannies because of the hard work you share with us each day.  Happy Birthday!

Kristen Kanoski

Nanny in Bourbonnais, IL

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